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Potato Cheese Soup

This amazing soup is the ultimate in comfort food! It uses red potatoes, onions, diced tomatoes with green chilies and Velveeta cheese. Quick, easy & gluten free.

Turkey Corn Chowder

This fabulous chowder is thickened by pureeing half-and-half cream with corn! The combination of flavors in this soup, plus bacon for garnish, is irresistible. Great way to use up leftover turkey. Gluten free.

Hamburger Pot Pie with Herb Biscuits

This awesome comfort food has a delicious hamburger filling including potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and garlic with lots of fresh herbs. It's topped with homemade biscuits infused with thyme, oregano and parsley. Amazing.

Crockpot Cock-a-Leekie Soup

This delicious Scottish favorite uses leftover rotisserie chicken, potatoes, leeks, carrots, celery, onions & garlic and is made in the crockpot. Delicious comfort food on cool winter nights.

Sausage Breakfast Casserole

This spectacular breakfast casserole is filled with sausage, bell peppers, red potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and cheese. This recipe also uses gluten free bread.

All-in-One Chicken Supper

Quick and easy one-dish meal that's seasoned to perfection with sage, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, garlic and bay leaves. Simple but delicious. Gluten free.

Pork Roast with Sauerkraut

Delicious old-world recipe for pork roast with potatoes and sauerkraut. This recipe is gluten free including a recipe for gluten free gravy.

Slow Cooker Onion-Mushroom Pot Roast

Savory slow cooker recipe for pot roast with potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms and gravy. This recipe is gluten free and uses NO canned soups.

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pie filled with carrots, peas, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and made with whipping cream, basil, bay leaves, and chicken stock. Dove's Nest version.

Spinach Artichoke Mashed Potatoes

This lovely casserole is made with mashed potatoes, cream cheese, sour cream, and butter, then seasoned with salt, pepper, dill weed, roasted garlic. Spinach and artichokes are added to the mixture before baking. Absolutely wonderful concoction.

Corn-Chicken-Chile Chowder

Fantastic Tex-Mex chowder with fresh corn-on-the-cob, rotisserie chicken, diced green chilies and garnished with bacon, cheddar cheese, and green onions. This recipe is gluten free.

Asparagus Mushroom Chowder

Savory and tasty soup recipe that's creamy without using milk or cream. This one uses mashed potatoes instead! Gluten free and easily vegan by using olive oil and vegetable broth.

Canadian Cheese Soup

2013 - Gluten Free Living Canadian Cheese Soup is one of my favorite soups of all time. It is filled with red potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, cheese and ham. And I even snuck a leek into it this time. I love cooking with leeks. They add a really wonderful flavor to soups, casseroles, and stir-fries. This hearty soup is so filling and satisfying too. It's thick and chunky because of the vegetables and smooth and creamy because of the cheese and cream. It's not overly seasoned either ...

Southwest Chicken Chowder

Savory chicken soup with a southwestern blend of veggies and seasonings.

Homemade Turkey Potpie

Succulent and amazing turkey pot pie with corn, green beans, carrots, onions and potatoes in a deliciously seasoned sauce. One of the best potpie recipes you'll ever taste!