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Oreo Truffles

These luscious truffles are made with an Oreo and cream cheese filling, then dunked in chocolate or vanilla bark and glazed with white chocolate or chocolate icing. Incredibly rich, decadent and heavenly. Great for any occasion.

Funfetti Earthquake Cake

This amazing cake explodes while baking causing the volcanic effect of craters in the cake after baking. A delicious cheesecake icing bakes into the cake so the cake needs no further frosting before serving.

15 Fabulous Red Velvet Desserts for Valentine’s Day

15 Fabulous Red Velvet Desserts for Valentine's Day in a scrumptious collection of red velvet recipes you're sure to adore! Valentine's Day is coming up this week and everyone needs one or two ideas for delicious desserts to make for their sweetheart. I offer 15 Fabulous Red Velvet Desserts for Valentine's Day. But these are also wonderful desserts for any special occasion such as Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other holidays.  Red Velvet makes such a lovely, chocol...