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Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen does its best to provide accurate, helpful instructions and pictures for each recipe so that those who try these recipes will have excellent outcomes. Information provided is based on my own kitchen experiences with my current equipment and kitchen conditions.

Anyone who makes a recipe from Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen assumes the risks involved in trying any recipe. Palates differ with each person. While I provide factual accounts of our experiences for each recipe, you may or may not find a recipe as pleasing or as tasty as we did, or the texture what you were expecting.

Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen assumes those who try recipes found on this blog will adjust recipes or cooking instructions according to their own kitchen conditions.

If you have a question about a recipe because an amount seems unusual, directions are unclear, or you want to make substitutions, please ask questions through the comment form on each post. I do my best to answer comments in a timely matter.

If you make changes or substitutions in recipes, do not follow the directions, fail to adjust for your oven temperature differences, or fail to use common sense when cooking, Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen will not be held liable or at risk for your recipe outcomes.

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Please do not plagiarize my recipes and pretend they are your own by adding or subtracting a couple of additional ingredients. Please do me the courtesy of at least linking back to my recipe and noting that the recipe was inspired from one of my posts.

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