kit kat candy bars

  • Kit Kat Chocolate Pie | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this easy 5-ingredient #recipe is heavenly. It uses #chocolate pudding, a chocolate crumb crust & #KitKatBars. Every bite will have you drooling. #dessert #ChocolatePie #pie #ChocolateDessert #HolidayDessert #KitKatDessert #KitKatChocolatePie #5IngredientDessert

    Kit Kat Chocolate Pie


    Kit Kat Chocolate Pie is absolutely heavenly. This luscious, creamy pie has triple chocolate flavor with a chocolate crumb crust, chocolate pudding and Kit Kat candy bars in the recipe. It’s terrific for family, company or holiday dinners. One bite of this pie will have you salivating for more. This easy 5-ingredient dessert will be much requested by your family and friends!

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