mint chocolate fudge tea cakes

  • Mint Chocolate Fudge Tea Cakes | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | these breathtaking #TeaCakes include lots of #chocolate with just a hint of #mint. This dynamic duo of flavors is absolutely irresistible. This #dessert is so mouthwatering & irresistible you'll put it on your menu frequently. Great for #holidays, special occasions and potlucks. #cake #ChocolateDessert #HolidayDessert #Bundt #MintChocolateFudgeTeaCakes

    Mint Chocolate Fudge Tea Cakes


    Mint Chocolate Fudge Tea Cakes are a spectacular treat. These lovely Tea Cakes include mint fudge-flavored baking chips (like Andes Mints) plus they’re topped with a luscious chocolate icing. Every bite will knock your socks off. Terrific for holidays, potlucks or special occasions. Everyone will want seconds….or thirds!

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