• Pumpernickel Bread | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | This delicious home-baked #bread is so easy since it's made in the #breadmaker. #Pumpernickel is a #SourdoughBread made with #RyeFlour. It's excellent as a dinner bread with any entree. We like to serve it for #breakfast with Apple Butter or jelly. #HomeMadeBread #HomeBakedBread #PumpernickelBread

    Pumpernickel Bread


    Pumpernickel Bread is marvelous. This bread is not only excellent for dinner, but it’s terrific served for breakfast with Apple Butter or other preserves. Pumpernickel is a tasty home-baked Sourdough Bread using rye flour and caraway seeds. It’s so easy because it’s made in the breadmaker! This two-pound loaf takes about 5 minutes to prepare and bakes on the wheat cycle for approximately 4 hours. Mouthwatering and so delicious.

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