almond poppyseed tea cakes

  • Almond Poppyseed Tea Cakes | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | these amazing #TeaCakes are irresistible & mouthwatering. They include both #almond flavoring & #almonds along with #poppyseeds to give flavor & texture to the #cake. These are fantastic for #holiday or #Christmas parties, but delightful enough to make all year long. Prepare to drool over every bite! #dessert #HolidayDessert #AlmondPoppyseedTeaCakes

    Almond Poppyseed Tea Cakes


    Almond Poppyseed Tea Cakes are outrageously good! These delicious Tea Cakes include almond and vanilla flavorings along with sliced almonds and poppyseeds. They are absolutely mouthwatering and irresistible for holiday or special occasion desserts. But be prepared: this dessert is addictive. You’re going to want more than one!

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