bacon leek soup

  • Bacon Leek Soup | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | This savory & scrumptious #soup includes #bacon, #leeks, #potatoes & #celery. It's flavored deliciously & wonderful as a comfort food meal with homemade bread. Warm yourself up with this tasty & easy soup #recipe. #GlutenFree #BaconLeekSoup

    Bacon Leek Soup


    Bacon Leek Soup is so savory and scrumptious. This marvelous soup is perfect for cold, winter nights, especially if you add a loaf of homemade bread. Since potatoes are used to thicken the soup rather than flour, it’s gluten free. This mouthwatering and irresistible soup makes a comfort food meal you can’t get enough of! It’s great reheated for lunches too.

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