best sugar cookie with sprinkles

  • Sprinkle Cookies | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | these lovely #cookies start with a favorite #SugarCookie #recipe & are filled & rolled in #sprinkles. They are absolutely heavenly! #dessert #funfetti #SprinkleDessert #FunfettiDessert #Tailgating #Holiday #HolidayDessert

    Sprinkle Cookies


    Sprinkle Cookies are absolutely amazing. The cookies start with the best Sugar Cookie dough imaginable. Then they’re filled with sprinkles and rolled in sprinkles. The cookies puff up beautifully while baking and are so scrumptious you won’t be able to stop eating them! These kid-friendly cookies are terrific cookies to make for every season and holiday throughout the year. Just swap out the color of sprinkles for the appropriate holiday. Watch them disappear.

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