broccoli cheese casserole

  • Broccoli Cheese Squares | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this fantastic #GooseberryPatch #recipe is perfect for the #Thanksgiving or #Christmas #holidays. It can be whipped up & oven ready in about 5-10 minutes. It's loaded with #CheddarCheese. It received rave reviews when we served it to company. #Broccoli #SideDish #BroccoliCheeseSquares

    Broccoli Cheese Squares


    Broccoli Cheese Squares is a recipe that’s loaded with cheesy goodness! This irresistible side dish is perfect for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s incredibly easy to whip up and can be oven ready in under 10 minutes. Plus, your company will love broccoli made this way. Even kids who don’t like broccoli enjoy it with this much cheese!

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