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  • Raspberry Almond Blondies | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | indulge yourself with these festive, beautiful & elegant #cookies for the #holidays this year. They're incredibly rich, decadent & swoon-worthy! They're chocked full of #raspberries, #almonds & #VanillaChips. Every bite will rock your world! #brownies #dessert #RaspberryDessert #HolidayDessert #Christmas #Thanksgiving #ChristmasCookieExchange

    Raspberry Almond Blondies


    Raspberry Almond Blondies are irresistibly rich and decadent. These lovely bar-type cookies include fresh raspberries, almonds and vanilla chips. Since they’re made with browned butter in the cookie and the icing, they have an enhanced flavor that just melts in the mouth. These festive, elegant and beautiful cookies are marvelous for Christmas baking and holiday parties, but delightful for any time of the year.

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