cauliflower casserole

  • Creamy Cauliflower Casserole | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this outrageously good #casserole is the perfect #SideDish for #holiday menus like #Thanksgiving or #Christmas. It's filled with #CheddarCheese, #ParmesanCheese & includes #RitzCrackers in the dish. Every bite is so mouthwatering. Even picky palates will love #cauliflower made this way. #GooseberryPatch #CreamyCauliflowerCasserole

    Creamy Cauliflower Casserole


    Creamy Cauliflower Casserole is an outrageously delectable side dish that’s perfect for company or holiday dinners like Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s made with Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan or Romano cheese and includes Ritz Crackers in the dish. Every bite is so mouthwatering and heavenly. Even those who don’t normally care for cauliflower will love it prepared this way.

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