chocolate fudge sauce

  • Oreo Cookie Dessert | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | This spectacular #dessert is rich, decadent & so addictive! No one will want only one piece! The bottom layer is crushed #Oreos. Layered with #BlueBell vanilla ice cream, then it has a homemade #fudge & walnut sauce. It's topped with #CoolWhip & more #Oreos. #OreoDessert #ChocolateDessert #IceCreamDessert #FudgeDessert #ValentinesDayDessert #HolidayDessert

    Oreo Cookie Dessert


    Oreo Cookie Dessert will rock your world! The bottom layer is crushed Oreos. The second layer is Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream. The third layer is a homemade chocolate fudge sauce with walnuts. Then it’s topped with Cool Whip and crushed Oreos. This magnificent dessert will wow all your friends and company. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or other holidays. Everyone will be drooling over this mouthwatering, sensational dessert!

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