cracked wheat bread

  • Cracked Wheat Bread | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this delicious #WholeWheatBread includes honey & #CrackedWheat. It's so easy since it's made in the #breadmaker. Wonderful #bread to serve with soup or chili. We also like to eat it for #breakfast served with jellies or jam. #HomemadeBread #CrackedWheatBread #BreadmakerBread

    Cracked Wheat Bread


    Cracked Wheat Bread is such a delicious homemade bread recipe. This one uses whole wheat flour and cracked wheat for extra fiber and whole grain goodness. It’s much healthier than many whole wheat bread recipes. It’s also spectacularly easy since it’s made in the breadmaker! We love to serve this bread with soup or chili on cold, winter nights. But it’s also good served for breakfast with jam or jelly on top.

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