creamy lima beans and broccoli

  • Creamy Lima Beans and Broccoli | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this outrageous #casserole is to die for! Seriously, #LimaBeans & #Broccoli are combined with #CheddarCheese #CreamOfCelerySoup & topped with a #RiceKrispies topping mixed with #Curry. It's a delectable #SideDish for #Holidays like #Thanksgiving or #Christmas. This has always been one of our favorite #recipes. Everyone who's ever tried it, loves this dish. #CreamyLimaBeansAndBroccoli #vegetable

    Creamy Lima Beans and Broccoli


    Creamy Lima beans and Broccoli is outrageously delicious! This amazing casserole includes lima beans and broccoli cooked in a delicious cheese sauce with cream of celery soup. A curry flavored Rice Krispies topping is added on top with additional cheddar cheese. While the combination of vegetables sounds odd, this side dish is one of the best you’ll ever eat. The flavors are irresistible and absolutely mouthwatering. Perfect side dish for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. If you enjoy broccoli and lima beans, they can’t be beat in this combination of flavors and textures.

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