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  • Stuffed Green Peppers | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this delicious vintage #recipe is a family favorite. #BellPeppers are stuffed with #GroundBeef & #rice & covered with #TomatoSauce & a pinch of brown sugar. The slightly sweet & savory taste is so mouthwatering. Delightful comfort food entree. #StuffedGreenPeppers #GlutenFree

    Stuffed Green Peppers


    Stuffed Green Peppers is a vintage old-fashioned recipe that’s a family favorite. Green peppers are stuffed with a ground beef and rice. Then they’re topped with tomato sauce and sprinkled very lightly with brown sugar. These delicious peppers bake up to perfection. This delightful comfort food entree is mouthwatering and irresistible.

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