fruit fajitas

  • Blueberry Fruit Fajitas | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | These lovely #FruitFajitas use #BlueberryPieFilling and are wrapped in #tortillas. Then they're saturated in a lovely syrup before baking. This delightful #recipe is great for #dessert but since they're like #crepes we enjoy them for #breakfast too. #HolidayDessert #BlueberryDessert #CincoDeMayo #Blueberries #BlueberryFruitFajitas

    Blueberry Fruit Fajitas


    Blueberry Fruit Fajitas are mouthwatering and irresistible! These lovely fruit-filled tortillas are baked with a sugar syrup mixture poured over top that bakes into the tortillas. Each one is totally delectable. The tortillas are similar to crepes so this recipe is actually great as a breakfast idea as well as a dessert. This easy 4-ingredient recipe can’t be beat!

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