gluten free thanksgiving side dish

  • Gluten Free Carrot Souffle | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this #SideDish is so mouthwatering. You will never believe #carrots are the main part of this #recipe. It's terrific for #FathersDay or other #holiday dinners. #Souffle #GlutenFree #CarrotSouffle #GlutenFreeCarrotSouffle #casserole #CarrotCasserole

    Gluten Free Carrot Souffle


    Fantastic gluten free version of a delicious Carrot Souffle. It uses carrots, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, eggs and butter and it’s sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. Terrific for company or holiday dinners like Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. We also like to serve it for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This “mystery” casserole is so scrumptious. No one can believe it’s made with carrots!

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