green cherry sweet rolls

  • Green Cherry Sweet Rolls | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | These fantastic #SweetRolls will knock your socks off! No kidding. They're perfect for a #holiday #breakfast like #Thanksgiving #Christmas or #NewYearsDay. If you want to wow your family and friends, serve up a batch of these rolls. They'll be drooling from the first bite! #almond #cherries #GreenCherries #CherrySweetRolls #ParadiseFruitCompany #ParadiseCandiedFruit #HolidayBreakfast #GreenCherrySweetRolls

    Green Cherry Sweet Rolls


    Green Cherry Sweet Rolls are to die for! No kidding. These scrumptious sweet rolls have candied green cherries and almond flavoring in the filling. Then they’re glazed with an almond-powdered sugar icing. They are so drool-worthy you won’t want to stop eating them. Perfect for a holiday breakfast like Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day. We gave them away to several of our neighbors and everyone loved them!

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