healthy chicken salad sandwiches

  • Healthy Chicken Salad Sandwiches | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | these amazing #ChickenSalad #sandwiches include #grapes, #walnuts & #IcelandicSkyrYogurt instead of mayonnaise! This healthier version of #ChickenSaladSandwiches is perfect for #tailgating parties or lunches. Our company drooled over them! #healthy #HealthyChickenSaladSandwiches #NoMayonnaiseChickenSalad

    Healthy Chicken Salad Sandwiches


    Healthy Chicken Salad Sandwiches are sensational! Instead of using mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, this recipe uses Icelandic skyr yogurt. It’s so much better and thicker than Greek Yogurt. This recipe includes walnuts, red grapes, red bell pepper, celery and red onion. It’s crunchy and absolutely delicious when garnished with mild bell pepper rings. Great for tailgating parties. The chicken salad without croissants is gluten free.

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