pinwheel dessert

  • Peach Pinwheel Cobbler | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this is one fantastic #PeachCobbler! #Peaches are wrapped up in dough pinwheel fashion. Syrup is poured over top before baking. The pinwheels absorb the syrup & puff up really large. This is absolutely heavenly. Wonderful #summer #dessert. #PeachDessert #cobbler #PeachPinwheelCobbler #Canbassador #WashingtonStateFruitCommission #WashingtonStoneFruitGrowers #WashingtonStateStoneFruitGrowers

    Peach Pinwheel Cobbler


    Peach Pinwheel Cobbler is a fantastic peach cobbler that’s comfort food extraordinaire! Peaches are wrapped up in a pie crust type dough. The pinwheels are cooked in a sugar syrup mixture and expand while baking. They are absolutely mouthwatering and the perfect dessert for summer when fresh peaches are in season. If you enjoy peaches, you’ll devour Peach Pinwheel Cobbler!

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