shortcut minestrone soup

  • Shortcut Minestrone Soup | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this easy #meatless #soup #recipe can be whipped up in about 20 minutes. It's perfect for weeknight dinners when you need something ready really quickly. It's also wonderful for cold, winter nights when you want some hot food to invigorate you! #Minestrone #pasta #cannellini #ShortcutMinestroneSoup

    Shortcut Minestrone Soup


    Shortcut Minestrone Soup is so easy to whip up you can have it on the table in about 20 minutes! You may even have all the ingredients in your pantry. This delicious soup is one of those satisfying and irresistible soups that’s perfect on cold days when you want to warm up your insides! It’s a tasty soup that’s also great reheated for leftovers. Enjoy it today.

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