Snickers Crisper Bars

  • Snickers Crisper Cookies | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | these adorable #cookies are made with #SnickersCrisperBars. They're totally spectacular & the ultimate #chocolate cookie sensation. Every bite will knock your socks off! Great for potlucks, #tailgating parties or #holidays. #SnickersBars #SnickersCandyBars #SnickersCrisperCookies #SnickersDessert

    Snickers Crisper Cookies


    Snickers Crisper Cookies are spectacular. These luscious cookies are the ultimate for a chocolate lover. They’re filled with Snickers Crisper Bars which include chocolate, caramel, peanuts and crisped rice. These over the top cookies are wonderful for potlucks, tailgating parties or holidays. This dessert is sure to be a huge hit for your family and friends.

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