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  • Best Strawberry Cupcakes | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | these spectacular #Strawberry #Cupcakes will have you drooling from the first bite. Terrific for company & #holidays like #FathersDay. We also like to make them for #ValentinesDay, #Christmas & baby showers! #BestStrawberryCupcakes #dessert #StrawberryDessert

    BEST Strawberry Cupcakes


    These are the most delectable, decadent, delicious dessert cupcakes you will ever eat! They incorporate strawberry gelatin and pureed frozen (thawed) strawberries and syrup in the cupcakes. There are also pureed strawberries and strawberry extract in the cream cheese frosting. This is a great dessert for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, holiday Christmas parties, or special occasion birthdays and anniversaries.

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