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  • Blackberry Sweet Rolls | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | these luscious #SweetRolls are awesome! They're filled with #blackberries & glazed with a heavenly #ButtercreamIcing. Every bite will rock your world! Terrific for a weekend, company or #holiday #breakfast like #Thanksgiving or #Christmas. Plus, these are kneaded in the #breadmaker so they're so much easier than many #CinnamonRoll #recipes. #BlackberrySweetRolls

    Blackberry Sweet Rolls


    Blackberry Sweet Rolls are spectacular. These scrumptious sweet rolls are so easy since they’re mixed and kneaded in the breadmaker! The dough is spread with fresh blackberries and the rolls are iced with a luscious buttercream icing hot out of the oven. The combination of flavors and a soft, airy, fluffy dough is amazing. These are perfect for a weekend, company or holiday breakfast, especially Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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