whole wheat greek bread

  • Whole Wheat Greek Bread | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | this delicious #Greek-style #bread is made with #olives, #FetaCheese & rosemary. It's wonderful for any kind of dinner menu especially if served with dipping oils. This fantastic tasting bread is a winner! It uses #WholeWheatFlour. #HomeBakedBread #WholeWheatBread #WholeWheatGreekBread #HomeBakedBread

    Whole Wheat Greek Bread


    This fantastic Whole Wheat Greek Bread is one of the best home-baked breads you’ll ever eat. It’s a delicious breadmaker bread made with kalamata olives, feta cheese and rosemary. The Greek flavors explode in this amazing homemade bread. If you enjoy Greek food, you will love this bread recipe. It’s exceptionally good for dipping in oils and serving for any kind of pasta entree.

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