butterfinger banana bread

  • Butterfinger Banana Bread | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | No one will be able to resist this outrageous #ButterfingerBananaBread #recipe! It's fantastic for a weekend, company or #holiday #breakfast or #brunch. Every bite is chocked full of #Butterfingers so it has those great #chocolaty & #PeanutButter flavors that everyone loves. The rich, decadent #chocolate icing makes it even better! #SweetBread #ButterfingerCandyBars #ButterfingerCandy

    Butterfinger Banana Bread


    Butterfinger Banana Bread is the ultimate Butterfinger treat! This rich, decadent sweet bread includes Butterfinger Candy Bars in the bread as well as on top of the thick, chocolate icing. Every bite is loaded with chocolaty, Peanut Butter flavors that will rock your world! If you enjoy Butterfingers, this is a delectable breakfast or brunch idea that your family and friends will rave over!

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