• Red Raspberry Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls

    September 25, 2014teresaambra

    Red Raspberry Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls are awesome! My brothers and I would fight over these jewels whenever Mom baked them. This lovely breakfast entree starts with Homemade Pie Crust. It’s rolled out and spread with Red Raspberry Jam, cinnamon-sugar, and then rolled up jelly-roll style and baked to perfection. Serve for breakfast or as…

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  • Four Berry Thumbprint Cookies

    August 19, 2014teresaambra

    Delicious Thumbprint Cookies are filled with a scrumptious four-berry jam. These tasty cookies are kid-friendly and great for holiday baking.

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  • Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

    July 29, 2014teresaambra

    These delicious cookies are reminiscent of Christmas cookies in years gone by. These lovely sugar cookies have raspberry jam in the center and a powdered sugar glaze on top.

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  • Coconut Raspberry Bars

    June 29, 2012teresaambra

    These festive and elegant dessert bars are filled with raspberry jam, vanilla chips, coconut and pecans and are wonderful to make for the holidays.

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  • Berry Shortbread Dreams

    June 28, 2012teresaambra

    These delightful cookies have an almond-flavored shortbread base which are filled with raspberry preserves. Then they’re iced with an almond-powdered sugar icing. Berry Shortbread Dreams are terrific for holiday baking.

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