Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas

Pepperoni Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I can’t get enough of it! I would eat it every day if I could get away with it. Unfortunately, because of the high fat content, calories, and other health deficiencies, I have to abstain and only eat it on special occasions. But every now and then I get the urge for some pizza and make up these delightful substitutes instead. These little miniature pizzas with double the pepperoni are simply amazing. So quick and easy to make, yet they’re also very filling and satisfying.

I’ve written about my insane love for pepperoni pizza  in My Blow Out Meal which is where I lose control and eat several pieces of Pepperoni Lover’s Pan Pizza in one sitting! I love the taste of pepperoni–even when I make it for one of my favorite salads: Greek Pasta Salad. Pizza is not pizza to me unless it has pepperoni on it–it can have mushrooms, peppers, onions, olives, ham, sausage, pineapple, jalapenos or anything else–but it has to have pepperoni too! That’s why I love these Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas. They have twice the pepperoni with regular and miniature pepperoni slices, plus lots of cheese, spaghetti sauce and the crust is simply refrigerated biscuits. Hey, you can’t go wrong with 5 ingredients!

Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas are great while watching football or basketball games but they’re also great for any party or as a snack anytime you want to kick back in your recliner and watch TV. These little treats are kid-friendly, but guys really love these pizzas too. Anytime I’ve taken these to a potluck they’ve been scooped up fast! Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas are great as an appetizer, afternoon snack, or even lunch and dinner on occasion. We’ve eat them anytime!

If you’re looking for a great little pizza treat to make up for family or company, then consider this super-easy 5-ingredient recipe. You won’t  be sorry. But you may be overcome with a voracious hunger for pepperoni so that you are unable to stop at  just one! You may also like these mini pizza recipes: Hawaiian Pizza Cups, Sausage-Pepperoni Pizza Cups, Cheesy Pizza Treats, and Beef Barbecups. All of them are great recipes for tailgating parties or when you want to whip up a quick dinner and have little time.

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Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas are a fabulous appetizer anytime you’re having a houseful of company over to watch sporting events.

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For those of you who, like me, love pepperoni, then these little miniature pizzas are a great finger food to bring along to parties.

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This side view shows how the biscuit dough raises with the other ingredients even though it may not have reached that far in the cooking tin originally.

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Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas are certainly kid-friendly. We’ve never had anybody dislike these great tasting treats.


Here’s what I did.



I used regular biscuit dough rather than grands. The grands seem to overwhelm the pizzas making it taste too much like a biscuit and not enough like a pizza. Spray the bottom and sides of muffin tins with cooking spray. Take a biscuit in your hand and do your best to stretch it a little so it will fit into the bottom and up the sides of the muffin tin. Press all the biscuits into prepared muffin tins.

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Add spaghetti sauce. Any kind will do. I place about two tablespoons in each biscuit. Too much more and the pizzas become soupy.

Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas - IMG_8654.jpg

Place a large slice of pepperoni over top of the sauce in each tin.

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Cover with mozzarella cheese. Remove all the cheese from the outside of the tin and tuck the cheese into the muffin as much as possible so the cheese doesn’t bake and stick on the side or top of the tin. Place 5 or 6 miniature pepperoni pieces in each tin. 

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Bake at 400 for 10-12 minutes. Remove from oven. Allow Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas to cool about 5-10 minutes before trying to remove them from the tins. Take a knife and insert it around the edge down to the bottom of the tin and gently move the knife around the edge of the whole muffin. Then gently lift the pizza up with the knife and place on a serving platter.

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Here, I’ve placed the miniature pizzas on a serving platter.

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If you like pepperoni you will love the savory flavors of these delicious pizza treats.

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Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas are so quick and easy to make. You can make up a batch and bake them in less than half an hour — ah, but then you have to allow them to cool a little bit otherwise you’ll burn your mouth trying to eat them! 


Here’s the recipe.


(Recipe inspired by my Cheesy Pizza Treats recipe)

Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Scrumptious mini pizzas with twice the pepperoni. These pizzas are made from refrigerated biscuits, spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese. Great for tailgating parties.
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 40
  • 4 cans refrigerated biscuits (10 biscuits each can)
  • 2 32-oz. jars spaghetti sauce, any flavor
  • 6-oz. sliced pepperoni
  • 2-3-oz. miniature pepperoni slices
  • 8-oz. pkg. shredded mozzarella cheese
  1. Spray muffin tins with cooking spray.
  2. Stretch out biscuit dough and fit biscuits into bottom and up sides of muffin tins.
  3. They will only spread about half way up but the biscuits rise while baking so it works out fine.
  4. Spread about 2 tablespoons of sauce on bottom of biscuit in each tin.
  5. Don’t put too much or the pizzas get too soupy.
  6. Layer with a large pepperoni slice, then sprinkle with a small handful of mozzarella cheese.
  7. Place 5 or 6 miniature pepperoni slices over top.
  8. Bake at 400° about 12-15 minutes or until done.
  9. Allow miniature pizzas to cool about 5-10 minutes, then remove from muffin tins by inserting a table knife around the outside layer and gently easing pizzas out of the tins and onto a serving platter.
Press any extra cheese into the tin and on top of the mixture leaving as little cheese on top of the muffin tin or on the sides as possible. This will help make extraction of the pizzas a lot easier.

Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas - IMG_8732.jpg

This simple 5-ingredient recipe is a real keeper! I’m sure you’re family will love them too!

Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas - IMG_8730.jpg

This close up shows the texture of this great recipe.

Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas - IMG_8725.jpg

Don’t these Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas look scrumptious? Are you ready to dig into one? They fit in your hand easily enough and are great finger foods for tailgating parties or company.

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    thesnowwoman June 26, 2013 (5:48 pm)

    Hi Teresa, we made mini pepperoni pizzas for supper tonight. They were great and so quick
    We will definitely make those again.

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      Teresa June 26, 2013 (7:21 pm)

      I am so glad you enjoyed them. We love these quick and easy snacks, too. You can always add other pizza type stuff if you like, too!

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