Avocado Black Bean Dip

Gluten Free Living – 2014 This is one awesome dip! I mean it is so incredible I could have eaten the whole bowl by myself! It’s filled with avocados, corn, ...

Chunky Homemade Salsa

2013 – Gluten Free Living This salsa recipe is one of the best you will ever eat! I’m not kidding–it is that good. And really, for a novice Tex-Mex cook ...

Chunky Homemade Guacamole

2013 – Gluten Free Living I love Guacamole! If I’m eating quesadillas, fajitas, nachos, tacos, or any Tex-Mex casserole I want to eat it with Guacamole! I so enjoy eating ...

Tailgating Appetizers

Sausage-Pepperoni Pizza Cups

Here’s another fan favorite! We served these delicious appetizers for our Super ...

Nacho Cheese Dip

This quick and easy dip is really a lot like queso and, ...

Hawaiian Pizza Cups

These amazing little pizzas were the hit of our Super Bowl Party ...

Parmesan Ranch Dip

This is a marvelous dip that’s excellent for tailgating parties and especially ...

Ranch Bacon and Cheddar Dip

2013 – Gluten Free Living Well, I saved the best for last! ...

Fiesta Pinwheels

Fiesta Pinwheels are another Tex-Mex appetizer with great Tex-Mex spicy flavor but ...

Ranch Fiesta Spirals

Ranch Fiesta Spirals are special! I doubt very seriously that you can ...

Cheesy Bean Dip

This heavenly hot, creamy and Cheesy Bean Dip is a keeper! It’s ...

Jalapeno Cheddar Roll Ups

Jalapeno Cheddar Roll Ups are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! These tasty Tex-Mex-style pinwheel appetizers have ...

Jalapeno Taco Party Appetizer

2013 – Gluten Free Living This fabulous Tex-Mex layered dip has been ...

Spinach Roll Ups

These delicious Spinach Roll Ups have a tasty cream cheese base with ...

Veggie Ranch Tortilla Pinwheels

Veggie Ranch Tortilla Pinwheels are heavenly! Oh, my. The ranch dressing mix ...

Double Pepperoni Mini Pizzas

Pepperoni Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I can’t get enough ...

Tex-Mex Black Bean Dip

2013 – Gluten Free Living This marvelous Tex-Mex Black Bean Dip is ...

Spinach Artichoke Casserole Dip

2013 – Gluten Free Living Several years ago I was involved in ...

Beef Barbecups

Wow, Beef Barbecups are so good! This is really a simple and ...

Cheesy Pizza Treats

Little miniature pizzas, wow! I LOVE pizza. For that matter I like anything ...

Espinaca Dip

This is a fantastic queso dip with spinach, cream cheese, Ro-Tel tomatoes ...

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Peach Pie Bars | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | sensational #cookies filled with #peachpie filling and made with a #shortbread crust and #streusel topping. #peaches #dessert

Peach Pie Bars

Oh my heavens, here’s another fabulous cookie recipe with peaches. I absolutely drooled over these wonderful bars. They have a nice shortbread-type crust with a luscious peach pie filling and a streusel topping. While this dessert has some similarities to my Peach Crumb Bars in the layering effect, they are really completely different in texture and […]

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Rosemary-Garlic Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | fabulous one-dish meal with an lovely #garlic butter sauce with #rosemary and #parsley. So succulent and mouthwatering. #chicken #sweet potatoes #greenbeans

Rosemary-Garlic Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

Gluten Free Living – 2014 This is one marvelous chicken dish. Rosemary-Garlic Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans is baked in a lovely garlic-butter sauce with rosemary, parsley, salt and pepper. I added sweet potatoes, green beans, and sliced onion rings. Wow! The flavors were so mouthwatering. This is actually a take-off on my […]

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Spinach and Cranberry Salad | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | quick and easy #salad with #spinach, #goatcheese, #driedcranberries, #almonds and a tasty #orange #balsamicvinaigrette. #glutenfree

Spinach and Cranberry Salad

Gluten Free Living – 2014 Spinach and Cranberry Salad is a quick and easy salad you can assemble in about ten to fifteen minutes — and that includes making the dressing! It only uses a handful of ingredients making ease of preparation very simple. This tasty salad includes spinach, red onion, goat cheese, almonds and […]

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Peach Crisp | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | incredibly wonderful #dessert with a homemade #peach filling and a #streusel crust and topping made with #coconut.

Peach Crisp

I hope you all aren’t tired of peach dessert recipes! Because I still have about 25 more to publish! And today’s delightful offering is Peach Crisp. This luscious dessert has a streusel crust and topping — but made with coconut–NOT oatmeal! Then after cooking the peaches in a thick homemade syrup, the peaches are placed […]

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Peaches ‘n Cream Coffeecake

Do you enjoy a nice slice of fruit-filled coffeecake in the mornings for breakfast? Perhaps you enjoy such delicious treats with a cup of coffee, hot tea, or juice in the mornings. Well, I have a wake up coffeecake that’s spectacular–especially if you enjoy peaches. This bundt cake is made with peaches and a cinnamon […]

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Peach Sheet Cake | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | rich, moist #cake filled with fresh #peaches, and topped with a gooey brown sugar icing with #pecans and #coconut. #dessert

Peach Sheet Cake

Here is another delicious dessert recipe using peaches! This lovely cake is a take-off on my Pineapple Sheet Cake recipe, but instead of using crushed pineapple, I substituted finely diced peaches. After baking, you pour a brown sugar icing with coconut and pecans or walnuts over the top. Peach Sheet Cake is spectacular. You can serve […]

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Peach Streusel Muffins | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | the most amazing #muffins with #peaches and #Greekyogurt, a #streuseltopping and #vanillaglaze. These are to die for! #breakfast #dessert

Peach Streusel Muffins

Peach Streusel Muffins are magnificent! Oh my, these scrumptious muffins are bursting with flavor and they are a culinary experience to die for! Seriously. The muffins are made with Greek yogurt, peaches, cinnamon and allspice for a nice zesty taste. They’re topped with a lovely brown sugar streusel and then after they’re baked, Peach Streusel Muffins […]

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Peach Crumb Bars | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | lovely layered bars with a #shortbread crust, #peach filling and a #streusel and #cinnamon-sugar topping. #cookie #dessert

Peach Crumb Bars

Oh my goodness, Peach Crumb Bars are heavenly! No kidding. These luscious bars have a tasty crust, with a wonderful peach filling, topped with a streusel topping and cinnamon sugar for added emphasis. I loved these bars and thought they were sensational! Thankfully, I packed these scrumptious bars away in our freezer for give-aways or […]

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Peach Bars with Almond Drizzle | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | spectacular bar-type #cookie with a #shortbread crust, a #peach and sourcream filling, a #streusel topping, and an #almond powdered sugar icing. #dessert

Peach Bars with Almond Drizzle

These lovely bars are as scrumptious as can be. Peach Bars with Almond Drizzle have four layers with a shortbread crust, followed by a peaches and sour cream filling, a streusel topping, and then an almond-flavored powdered sugar icing. To say they were F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C  is an understatement. They were utterly phenomenal. I LOVED this marvelous dessert. Last […]

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Four Berry Thumbprint Cookies | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | lovely #shortbread #cookie with #berryjam in the centers. Great for #holiday #baking. #dessert

Four Berry Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies are wonderful. They’re a delicious shortbread-type cookie with a dab of your favorite jelly in the center. My delicious Four Berry Jam from St. Dalfour’s contained blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and cherries and provided quite an amazing taste. I love this jam because it’s made without preservatives and sugar. Instead it uses natural ingredients and […]

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Apricot Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | Wonderful #piecrust #cinnamonrolls that are great for #breakfast or #dessert. #apricotjam

Apricot Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls

Apricot Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls are marvelous. You start with a simple Homemade Pie Crust recipe. You spread butter over the crust, then top it with dabs of Apricot Preserves. Sometimes I soften the jelly in the microwave a little to make it more spreadable. Then you sprinkle the jelly with a cinnamon sugar mixture […]

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Peach Crumb Pie | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | fabulous #homemade #peachpie with a #crumbtopping. This one uses a #homemadepiecrust. #peaches #dessert

Peach Crumb Pie

Another kind of fruit pie my Mom always made was a Crumb Pie. Instead of a top crust or a lattice crust, Mom would make a crumb topping to go on top. This usually made the pie a little sweeter, and even more delicious. Her crumb topping was simple: sugar, flour and butter. But it made […]

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Mom's Peach Pie | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | fabulous #homemade #peachpie with a homemade #piecrust. #dessert #pie #peaches

Mom’s Peach Pie

Mom’s Peach Pie is awesome. It was really Grandma’s Peach Pie recipe, and probably her mother’s before that. Oh, did they ever know how to make pies! Mom’s pies were second only to Grandma’s. Mom’s basic fruit pie recipe was simple–four to five cups of fresh fruit, a cup of sugar, 3 heaping tablespoons of […]

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Oatmeal Peach Cookies | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | amazing #oatmeal #cookies with #peaches #coconut and #pecans. #oatmealcookie #dessert.

Oatmeal Peach Cookies

Oh, my goodness, do you want an amazing cookie? You’ve heard of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, surely? This cookie is really a take-off on those cookies. This scrumptious oatmeal cookie starts with my Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies recipe which is wonderful itself. That cookie contains oatmeal (duh!), coconut, pecans, and chocolate chips. Well instead of the […]

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Peach Cobbler Cookies | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | Amazing #cookies that taste like eating #peachcobbler! #peaches #dessert #peachGreekyogurt

Peach Cobbler Cookies

Peach Cobbler Cookies are awesome! I made these a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to use up all the bushels of fresh peaches from our backyard peach trees. This simple sugar cookie recipe has peach-flavored Greek yogurt as well as peaches for flavor. Having a bite of Peach Cobbler Cookies is like eating […]

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